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Blue Book Credit Scores

A Produce Industry Credit Rating Guide

Since 2005, Blue Book Services has been the most trusted source of credit and trading information in the produce industry. Our proprietary Credit Scores help companies across the produce supply chain make better-informed decisions. Ratings are designed to act as predictive indicators, estimating the likelihood of negative credit events, such as payment defaults or delinquencies, over a 12-month period. Produce Blue Book Credit Scores complement a company’s rating and comprehensive business report. Our Credit Scores are exclusively available to our members, consider joining today to gain access to this invaluable information.

Check out a sample business report, featuring our Blue Book Credit Score.

A sample business report featuring the Blue Book Score

Where Does a Blue Book Credit Score Come From?

The Produce Blue Book Credit Score is computed using a proprietary statistical credit score model. Blue Book Credit Scores are based on data and statistics related to the creditworthiness of a produce business, with the primary attribute being pay information received on the company.

Factors contributing to a business’ Blue Book Credit Score:

  • Number of prompt pay responses
  • Changes in the number of pay responses over time
  • Consistency of the pay information

Pay information data comes from survey responses and accounts receivable aging data. Produce Blue Book also receives tens of thousands of surveys annually and $2 billion worth of real-time pay data monthly. This mountain of data is then translated into a score.

Blue Book Credit Scores range from 500 to 1000

Scores range between 500 and 1000, with 1000 being the highest score. Higher scores represent a less likely credit event – delinquent or default on payment — will occur. The lower the score, the more likely a company will be delinquent or default on payment.

Benefits of Blue Book Credit Scores

Blue Book members can feel confident making business decisions using our credit scores. More than 5,000 produce and transportation companies have profiles available to view. Produce Blue Book Members also get access to unlimited searches, making it simple to locate a company by name, Blue Book Number, or location. Searching for qualified businesses becomes even easier with access to our mobile app.

Ways to Access Blue Book Credit Scores:

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