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There’s a great level of confidence that comes with making an informed, well-supported decision; an almost tangible reassurance felt knowing that someone has your back. And the success that comes with understanding your business partners, your competitors and the market inside and out.

These are just a few of the reasons why, year after year, members from every segment of the produce industry keep coming back to Blue Book Services. With our broad range of services, providing everything from credit and business information to trading assistance, our customers find new value in their Blue Book Membership many times each year.

Thanks for your business. We look forward to supporting your company in any way we can. If you have questions, contact our sales team at or call 630 668-3500.

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Membership Levels
150 200 250 300
Membership Price $925 $1,150 $1,450 $1,995
License Level Standard Advanced Advanced
Number of Licenses to Blue Book Online Services (BBOS) 3 5 7 10
Number of Business Reports 10 20 40 85
Online Features/Functionality
  • Locate companies by name, Blue Book Number, or location
  • Access BBOS Mobile App
  • View & download Business Reports
  • View/Print affiliations & branches
  • Search by: ratings, certifications, brands, licenses, previously listed companies, phone, fax, e-mail, commodities, or classifications (functions)
  • View predictive Blue Book Score: Evaluate likelihood of a negative credit event
  • Export search results as .CSV file
  • Create an Automatic Update Service (AUS) list and Watchdog Groups
  • Create, save & share notes on companies
  • View 3 Month Blue Book Score History
  • View last 2 years of claims filed with Blue Book & Federal Courts

Included in all Membership Levels

  • View industry contacts
  • Search by: industry personnel, company updates, newly listed
    companies, mile radius, terminal markets
  • Save vCards on contacts to Outlook
  • View Performance Indicators
    • 10 year rating history
    • 12 month Blue Book Score history
    • Key financial ratios from recent financial statements
    • Trade practices (“X”) rating & pay performance
    • Last 5 years of claims filed with Blue Book & Federal Courts
  • Search by Blue Book Scores
  • Analyze Companies by: financial ratios and Blue Book Scores
  • Download Blue Book Score report
  • Export company & personnel contact info as .CSV file
Additional Service – Find Local Growers
Add this service with a membership purchase to search an additional database of 36,000+ local produce grower profiles throughout the United States.

$375 for initial license; $110 for each additional license

10% Discount at Ag.Tools
Ag.Tools is an industry service providing more than 81 million records of market data for over 500 commodities. All Blue Book Members receive a 10% discount on each commodity subscribed with Ag.Tools.

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All Membership Levels Also Include:

  • Credit Sheet Updates (52/year)
  • New Hire Academy
  • Produce Blueprints Magazine
  • Membership Plaque
  • Collection, Mediation, and Arbitration Services
  • Use of Membership Seal
  • Trading Opinions