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ZAG Technical Services launches supply chain risk program

- General News
ZAG Technical Services, Inc., an award-winning IT consulting firm, managed services, and IT security provider, today launched a new supply chain risk assessment and management program aimed at providing agribusinesses with visibility into the cybersecurity risks that can affect their business.

Credit Risks: Determine a customer’s worth

- Produce Blueprints
While dealing with troubled or nonpaying customer can be difficult and costly, it should be remembered that no relationship is unsalvageable.

Credit Risks: Cutting the cord

- Produce Blueprints
It can be enormously difficult, especially for smaller businesses in industries based on relationships and trust, to make the decision to cut loose a customer whose credit risk has soared.

Credit Risks: Seeing the warning signs

- Produce Blueprints
Aside from the obvious signs of a bill coming due and no payment being made, there are many ways to tell if a customer is in trouble or represents a serious credit risk.

Credit Risks: Identifying bad risks

- Produce Blueprints
Poor-performing customers can be as much of a hindrance to business as well-performing ones are a benefit.

Credit Risks: Identifying good risks

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Credit and debt are the bedrock of the economy, and it’s simply not feasible for any business to operate without them.

Credit Risk: How much tolerance is too much?

- Produce Blueprints
When it comes to credit risk, trusted business relationships can turn sour if trading partners don’t pay attention to warning signs and react in time.