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GRAPHIC: The pumpkin market by the numbers

- Analysis
Pumpkins are grown and shipped from many U.S. states, but as Agtools shows in this monthly graphic report, imports are on the rise due to stronger domestic demand.

Fresh Farms celebrates pumpkin season

- General News
The pumpkin crop was off to a rough start due to heavy rains in all the growing regions. This caused the crop to start about 10 days later from our estimated start date.

Meijer highlights local with pumpkin assortment

- Retail
Meijer has a longstanding commitment to its local growers that stems beyond offering customers fresh asparagus and squash. The Midwest retailer also partners with family-owned farms across its six-state footprint to bring in the freshest pumpkin assortment.

Van Groningen projects bumper pumpkin season

- General News
With the year that we have all had, we could all use something to look forward to. For us at Van Groningen & Sons, that is the pumpkin season.

Pumpkins: Fresh vs. Canned for Thanksgiving

- Analysis
How much fresh-market pumpkin is actually eaten? That’s a statistic that no one appears to collect.

Fall produce trends forecast: pumpkins, apples and game day fun

- Produce with Pamela
Are you Team Pumpkin Spice or Team Apple Pie Spice? Fall brings some of the most anticipated flavors of the year, but how can we bring that excitement from the coffee shop to the produce department?

How to cook pumpkins

- Produce with Pamela
One of the most common questions I get about pumpkins is whether you can eat a jack-o-lantern.