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Grocery inspiration – in-season citrus at its best

- Produce with Pamela
We're shopping Citrus Fest at H-E-B's Central Market. See what we think of some in-season specialties like pomelo and Sumo Citrus.

We tried it: the Elefante Green Gold Pineapple

- Produce with Pamela
I knew I had to get one of these at home so the pineapple adventure I've been having with my sons could continue

Why the Trader Joe’s 15th Annual Customer Choice Awards fresh produce picks might surprise you  

- Featured
When Trader Joe's announces its annual Customer Choice Awards and I see that BANANAS won … again … I can’t help but feel let down.  

Store Check: Bavaria, Part 2

- Produce with Pamela
Let's take a walk through this Lidl in Oberammergau, Germany, on the Friday before a busy holiday weekend.

Store Check: Bavaria, Part 1

- General News
This store was insanely busy as it was the Friday before a holiday. People were stocking up because nothing will be open all weekend — including restaurants.

VIDEO: Reaching younger consumers, including in virtual worlds

- Produce with Pamela
Blue Book Retail Editor Pamela Riemenschneider talks with Anne-Marie Roerink of 210 Analytics about her recent What's New? study for the Southeast Produce Council.

Produce with Pamela’s 2024 Food Trends

- Featured
While my list usually isn’t as avant garde as some, I do try to pick based on what I’m seeing in the forward-thinking foodie chatter.

You’ve heard of ‘Girl Math,’ but how about ‘Grocery Math?’

- Produce with Pamela
Pamela talks with Anne-Marie Roerink to dig into the "What's New?" research from the Southeast Produce Council's Southern Innovations.

REVIEW: Little Leaf Farms salad kits

- Produce with Pamela
We have another contender in the salad kit games in my kitchen. Little Leaf Farms, based in Massachusetts, reached out to me with their Crispy Caesar and Southwest Salad Kits.

REVIEW: Our fancy fruit adventure continues with Oishii strawberries

- Produce with Pamela
I’ve wanted to try Oishii strawberries for quite some time, so when H-E-B's Central Market had them -- for only $15 -- I pounced.