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The Year Ahead: Touting value and convenience

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Convenience is always an enticement for consumers, and for those who are not particularly adept at cooking, value-added dishes and meal kits are a boon.

The Year Ahead: Teaching consumers the basics

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Consumers may know fruits and vegetables are healthy, but many don’t know what to do with them.

The Year Ahead: Strengthening storytime

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Growers and marketers have embraced the art of storytelling to get their messages out, but much more can be done on this front.

The Year Ahead: Driving consumption

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Getting consumers to eat more fruits and vegetables is always a focus for the industry. The food-as-medicine movement, increased storytelling, and product innovation are all working toward this goal.

The Year Ahead: Shrinkflation and skimpflation

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Consumers are not happy with high food prices, and many believe they are artificially high.

The Year Ahead: Pricing impacts strategy

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A frequent topic throughout 2023 was rising costs throughout the supply chain.

The Year Ahead: The packaging quest

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Related to the environment and being better stewards of the planet is packaging.

The Year Ahead: Weather and the changing climate

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While it’s true weather has always been unpredictable, the last few years have proven this is now a vast understatement—with devastating weather events seeming to be the new normal.

The Year Ahead: Technology and labor

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“Labor issues are starting to stabilize, but they remain a real concern for most retailers and suppliers I speak with,” says Kevin Brooks, of Procurant