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Vertical farming 2.0

- Analysis
There is vertical, and then there is vertical. This enigmatic utterance reflects some differences—and possibly shakeouts—in the world of vertical farming, of which, strictly speaking, there are two types.

Plenty hires VP of plant science, releases Wyoming R&D facility plans

- General News
Plenty Unlimited Inc. announced significant updates supporting the development of its new R&D facility, which will be the largest and most technologically advanced indoor vertical farming research center in the world.

Plenty expands distribution to Whole Foods, Gelson’s in California

- General News
Plenty Unlimited Inc. today announced it has doubled its retail presence, making its zero-pesticide leafy greens readily available to Californians with its expansion to all Whole Foods Market stores and Gelson’s Markets throughout the state.

Plenty opens California vertical farm

- General News
Plenty today announced the opening of the Plenty Compton Farm – the world’s most technologically advanced indoor vertical farm, designed to grow up to 4.5 million pounds of leafy greens annually in a single city block in Compton, California.

Plenty real estate partnership offers up to $1B for vertical farm expansion

- General News
Realty Income Corporation, The Monthly Dividend Company, and Plenty Unlimited Inc. today announced that they have entered into a strategic real estate alliance to support the development of Plenty's indoor vertical farms. Under the terms of the agreement, Realty Income will acquire and provide development funding for properties that will house Plenty's indoor farms.

Plenty to expand research center with $20MM grant from state of Wyoming

- General News
Plenty’s new research center is projected to be a more than 60,000-square-foot facility built on 16 acres of land in the Cirrus Sky Technology park in Laramie, WY.

Bristol Farms to offer Plenty’s leafy greens

- Retail
On the cusp of opening its Compton, California, farm, Plenty Unlimited Inc. is beginning its expansion to Southern California in partnership with Bristol Farms, the leading specialty gourmet grocer.

Driscoll’s and Plenty to build their first indoor vertical strawberry farm

- General News
One year after announcing their joint research and development work to grow strawberries indoors, Driscoll’s, the leading consumer brand in fresh premium berries, and Plenty Unlimited Inc., are expanding their relationship to build a new indoor vertical farm dedicated exclusively to strawberries.

Plenty secures $400MM in investments

- General News
Plenty Unlimited Inc., an indoor, vertical farming technology company that can grow clean produce year-round, anywhere in the world, today announced it has secured $400 million in a Series E financing round, the largest investment to date for an indoor farming company.

Walmart invests in indoor farmer Plenty

- Retail
Walmart and Plenty Unlimited Inc., today announced Walmart signed an agreement to invest in Plenty, an indoor vertical farming company, as part of their $400M Series E funding round subject to a regulatory approval.