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The Year Ahead: Technology and labor

- Produce Blueprints
“Labor issues are starting to stabilize, but they remain a real concern for most retailers and suppliers I speak with,” says Kevin Brooks, of Procurant

Legislation proposed to freeze AEWR

- Analysis
The federal H-2A program for agricultural guestworkers has long been an object of complaint for fruit and vegetable growers.

IFPA calls for member action to demand wage relief

- General News
IFPA has announced support for the Supporting Farm Operations Act (HR 7046), an immediate and meaningful measure to address wage relief.

ECIP helps implement fair labor practices

- Analysis
Ethical labor practices have been an issue in the fruit and vegetable industry for decades. But only in recent years has the industry attempted to outline and implement fair labor practices in an organized way.

Chipotle’s new benefits supports Gen Z workforce

- General News
Chipotle Mexican Grill announced today that it will be providing additional financial wellness and mental well-being support for more than 110,000 employees through a new Employee Assistance Program and enhanced benefits.

Minimum wages, blue and red

- Analysis
There is a huge discussion going on about polarization along political and cultural lines in the U.S. One area where this cleft is most apparent is state minimum wages.

EFI introduces customized audits

- General News
Equitable Food Initiative (EFI) announces the expansion of its certification offerings, reducing the growers' burden by allowing for a customized audit approach

Congressional letter reflects angst over AEWR

- Analysis
A letter sent to Congress on January 11 urging a freeze on increases in the adverse effect wage rate (AEWR) reflects increased frustration among American growers with federal guestworker requirements.

House members send bipartisan letter requesting H-2A visa guestworker wage freeze

- General News
Congressman Bill Huizenga (R-MI) was joined by 74 of his colleagues on a bipartisan letter to House and Senate appropriations leaders requesting an H-2A visa guestworker wage freeze in an upcoming spending package.

Pollution increases heat-related farmworker danger

- Analysis
Official statistics greatly underreport heat-related deaths among farmworkers in California’s San Joaquin Valley, according to a study by Inside Climate News.