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GMO corn and the fresh produce trade

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While disputes about genetically engineered corn doesn't affect fresh produce directly, we should be aware of indirect consequences.

Pairwise picks RSquared Fresh Solutions for CRISPR greens retail launch

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The first product from Conscious Greens, a field-grown, baby leaf blend of colorful, flavorful purple and green leaves, launched into the foodservice channel in May.

Watching developments in GMO restrictions

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Although they do not meet with universal approval, genetically modified organism (GMO) crops are a permanent part of the agricultural landscape. But not every nation has welcomed them equally.

Non-browning avocados? Sign me up.

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I don’t want to get too deep in the weeds on the science, but an avocado advancement is on the horizon.

The back-and-forth over GMO crops

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One of the biggest stories in agriculture over the past few days has to do with an impasse between the United States and Mexico over the latter’s continued ban on importations of genetically modified (GMO) corn. Since much of the corn grown in this country is GMO and Mexico is a major customer, this is of top concern.

Major shifts coming in GMO crops

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The world of genetically modified (GMO) crops is starting to see some major shifts. Not necessarily technically, but politically and sociologically.

GMO is out, bioengineering is in

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Many things are going out with the old year. Here is one: the term “GMO,” for “genetically modified organism.” The new term is “bioengineered.”

Editing the produce gene

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I spent part of my workday on Wednesday watching a rerun. It was of a Virtual Town Hall meeting entitled “Gene Editing: The Future of the Produce Industry?”, by the Produce Marketing Association, originally broadcast July 28.

Gene-edited produce makes its case to consumers

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Gene-edited food is different than genetically modified in several ways, and maybe most importantly, how it’s being communicated to consumers.

PMA comments on EPA pesticide and GMO exemptions

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The Produce Marketing Association submitted comments on the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency Proposed Rule for Pesticides; Exemptions of Certain Plant Incorporated Protectants Derived from Newer Technologies.