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Ghost kitchens depart Kroger

- Retail
Just a year after raising $100 million in funding, Pasadena, CA-based Kitchen United is converting its business to software in lieu of physical locations.

WOWorks launches ghost kitchen concept

- General News
The inaugural WOW Kitchens prototype will launch in San Francisco's dynamic SOMA neighborhood, near the financial district, in a Cloud Kitchen facility

Ghost kitchens could haunt the in-person dining experience if operators aren’t careful

- Analysis
Ghost kitchen concepts are inching us closer to a Star Trek future, but operators need to be careful about the in-person experience.

Ghost kitchen builder gets $100MM financing boost

- General News
Ghost Financial will be providing up to $100M in financing, customized insurance and stand as the preferred card provider for Cruising Kitchens and its customers until 2025.

Saladworks opens 20 ghost kitchen locations in Central Florida

- General News
Saladworks menu items will be offered for delivery through Combo Kitchen's ghost kitchen agreement with Florida-based WingHouse Bar & Grill Restaurants.

Kroger opens restaurant ghost kitchen at Houston location

- General News
This Kitchen United MIX location offers customer favorites from more than 10 independently operated local and national restaurant brands

Wendy’s plans 700 ghost kitchens by 2025

- Featured
Wendy's and REEF expect to open approximately 50 delivery kitchens in 2021, with the remainder launched by 2025.

Restaurant start-up All Day Kitchens raises $20MM to expand satellite kitchen concept

- General News
As dining restrictions are lifted and the industry recovers, All Day Kitchens offers a solution for restaurants to continue serving their customers via takeout and delivery without interruption to their dine-in guests, staff and operations, while ensuring quality and efficiency every step of the way.