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Peru’s Hass avocados at risk due to lack of fertilizers

- International
Almost 50 percent of the Hass avocado hectares in Peru are at risk due to a shortage of fertilizer, Juan Carlos Paredes, the president of the Association of Hass Avocado Producers of Peru (ProHass) told Agraria.

A glimpse of fertilizer costs in Florida citrus

- Analysis
Among the disruptions caused by Russia’s invasion of Ukraine have been those in the fertilizer industry, since both nations are major producers. The fertilizer market had already been suffering from dislocations due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Fertilizer prices: Another casualty of the Ukraine war

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Sanctioned Russian fertilizer and coal tycoon Andrey Melnichenko was quoted by Reuters news service as saying, “One of the victims of this crisis will be agriculture and food,” adding that the war has “already led to soaring prices in fertilisers which are no longer affordable to farmers.”