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Walmart expands drone delivery through partnership with Alphabet

- Retail
Two years ago, Walmart embarked on a journey to make the convenience of drone delivery a reality for our customers. Today, we’re continuing that momentum by teaming up with Wing, an on-demand drone delivery provider powered by Google’s parent company, Alphabet.

Walmart’s drone delivery arrives in Texas

- Retail
Santa’s sleigh may not be the only thing seen flying in the skies of Texas. Walmart’s drone delivery service is now available for select customers in the Dallas-area.

Italian court forbids grower from selling unauthorized Sun World grapes

- General News
In a landmark decision, the Court of Bari issued a first-of-its-kind injunction forbidding an Italian grape producer from harvesting or selling any table grapes from unauthorized plantings of Sugrathirtyfive variety (AUTUMNCRISP brand) grapevines.

All About Drones: Improving food safety

- Produce Blueprints

Drones can be used in detecting pathogens for food safety. Nanoreagents, LLC, based in Tampa, FL, …


All About Drones: Data analysis

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Analyzing data from drones is very time-consuming and requires specific, high-level knowledge of software, even statistics.

All About Drones: Data collection

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As with several strawberry growers, Olga Walsh, research associate professor at the College of Agricultural and Life Sciences at the University of Idaho, sees many benefits from drones.

All About Drones: The future is now

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Swarms of drones will be commonplace in orchards and fields one day.

All About Drones: High-tech help for growers

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Using drones, or unmanned aerial vehicles, in agricultural applications remains a relatively new phenomenon.