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Disrespect from dollar stores

- Analysis
What is it with dollar stores? Dollar Tree has yet again been hit with a fine for safety violations. The culprit in this case was a store in Pewaukee, WI.

Survey shows dollar stores converging with traditional grocery and mass retail

- Retail
Dollar stores continue to be the fastest growing retail channel today, both in terms of the number of new stores and the number of shopping visits.

Dollar General opens 3 stores a day

- Analysis
Forbes magazine is breathless about Dollar General.

Don’t discount the dollar store

- Produce Blueprints
While I may live in one of the most enviable places in the world for grocery shoppers—Austin, TX, a place where I can reach one of the world’s best grocery stores in less than 10 minutes—I’ll never forget my roots.

Dollar Stores: Beyond the dollar

- Produce Blueprints
As dollar stores experiment with new formats and fresh product lineups, they’re also exploring higher price points that would allow them to offer more variety, but still at a price that beats the competition.

Dollar Stores: Messaging and exposure

- Produce Blueprints
A major challenge for dollar retailers is many consumers, both regulars and new, often don’t realize the stores even carry fresh produce.

Dollar Stores: Positives and Negatives

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Two of the biggest challenges for dollar stores in the produce category are controlling costs and shrink.

Dollar Stores: Explaining their growth

- Produce Blueprints
While there are a number of factors spurring the growth of dollar stores, including lower prices and their proximity to shoppers, the pandemic has factored into the equation as well.

Dollar Stores: Why they’re selling fresh

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Fresh produce, while a difficult category under the dollar-store business model, can be beneficial for retailers and suppliers alike from a traffic and profitability standpoint.

Dollar Stores: Who are they?

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Most shoppers in the dollar retail sphere are familiar with the top competitors: Dollar General, Dollar Tree, and Family Dollar. What they might not know is that one of the companies actually owns another.