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A nation’s love affair with a soapy herb

- Analysis
At this point, the cilantro lovers would appear to outnumber the haters. Cilantro has become the fresh herb of choice these days, reports The Guardian.

Chipotle brings meme to life with cilantro soap

- General News
Chipotle Mexican Grill today brought a popular meme to life by launching Cilantro Soap, exclusively available for purchase on while supplies last.

Cilantro prices on the rise

- General News
Cilantro has seen a normal summer end with prices rising thanks to turbulent California weather.

Washed Cilantro and Parsley now Available from GreenGate Fresh

- General News
Fresh Avenue is excited to announce that GreenGate Fresh is adding washed cilantro and parsley to their high-quality line of fresh cut lettuce, cabbage, tender greens, broccoli, and other items beginning November 1, 2019.