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Broccoli and the fourth Beatle

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Let me suggest to the broccoli industry that they engage the sponsorship of Ringo Starr, who was recently on the cover of AARP magazine.

ProduceIQ: Pre-turkey season produce markets mellow

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While we were washing away our last few memories of COVID restrictions at IFPA, Hurricane Norma made landfall on the Southern tip of Baja California, Mexico, as a Category 1 storm and then again in Sinaloa as a tropical storm. Rain from the tropical system will impact growers in North and Central Mexico.

ProduceIQ: Scary high blueberry prices frighten buyers

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Blueberries are El Nino’s most haunting victim yet. A relatively new commodity for Peruvian growers that some believed was too big of a risk to try in the first place.

ProduceIQ: Unseasonably high produce prices remain

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While the back-to-school season is usually marked by rejoicing parents and low summer produce prices, extreme weather is forcing some unlikely commodities to pull average prices to a ten-year high.

Retailer to purchase Braga Fresh regenerative trial crop

- General News
Braga Fresh, home of Josie’s Organics, gained its first retail pre-order to support the company’s commitment to harvest and take to market crops grown using regenerative practices; a major step in trialing a low-soil tillage concept designed to increase the carbon content in soil.

ProduceIQ: Summertime sadness strikes produce markets

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Produce markets repeat history with a week defined by declining prices. This week marks the beginning of the summer doldrums—a six-week period in which produce prices wilt along with the rest of us in the summer heat.

Broccoli, cauliflower prices rising with lighter volume

- General News
Broccoli markets are rising as supplies decrease in the primary growing regions of Salinas and Santa Maria, California.

Broccoli, cauliflower markets to remain tight into May 

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Broccoli and cauliflower markets will be a struggle the next week or two for various reasons, including a normal transition and abnormal weather. 

ProduceIQ: Markets bracing for volatile transitions

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March inflation reports are inspiring cautious optimism.

ProduceIQ: Prices rise again in anticipation of Western supply challenges

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Up for the third week, overall produce prices are still technically following typical week #14 trends. Although, the storms that drenched California and filled the Sierras with snow will likely unfold as higher-than-normal produce prices over the next few months.