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AI: What lies ahead

- Produce Blueprints
Artificial intelligence is advancing across the produce industry at breakneck speed, and the industry is working to keep up with advancements.

AI: Costs of implementation

- Produce Blueprints
Factoring in the costs of artificial intelligence is more than figuring upfront expenditures

AI: Robots as allies

- Produce Blueprints
Automation can be pricey, particularly for smaller operations, which is why it’s important to look at such changes with an eye on long-term benefits.

AI: Automation and labor

- Produce Blueprints
Produce suppliers are looking to artificial intelligence to solve longstanding—and deteriorating—labor challenges, for multiple reasons.

AI: Defining the risks

- Produce Blueprints
Despite the benefits of artificial intelligence, there are downsides to all of this head-spinning technological progress.

AI: Ushering in change

- Produce Blueprints
The way produce is grown, stored, shipped, and sold has already been changed by artificial intelligence technology.

Unraveling the mysteries of artificial intelligence

- Produce Blueprints
Drones, cameras, robots, sensors, and assorted gizmos, as well as complex algorithms, are covering the produce supply chain like a comfortable blanket, making it easier for operators to zoom in on profitability and monitor product quality.

World’s first fully autonomous, AI-powered restaurant opening in SoCal

- General News
Cali Group, a holding company using technology to transform the restaurant and retail industries, Miso Robotics, creator of Flippy (the world's first AI-powered robotic fry station), and PopID, a technology company simplifying ordering and payments using biometrics, announced today that they are soon opening CaliExpress by Flippy, the world's first fully autonomous restaurant.

GrubMarket launches AI solutions for growers

- General News
GrubMarket today announced the launch of Farm-GPT, a groundbreaking new generative artificial intelligence (AI) product designed to empower American farmers and growers with valuable data-driven insights for maximizing profits and optimizing crop selection.

The Produce Reporter Week in Review – October 27, 2023

- Analysis
IFPA Global Produce & Floral Show recovery continues, as Greg and others get ready to attend the inaugural FPAA Southwest International Produce Expo in Tucson next week.