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Kathi’s Test Post May 9

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Progress in the European, Canadian packaging ban battles

- Analysis
European and Canadian governments have targeted food packaging, particularly plastic, as a threat to climate change, and plan to phase them out.

ProduceIQ Index: Pineapple Express on the hunt

- Featured
Pineapple Express takes aim at the West Coast. Among the widespread targets are oranges, green onions, lettuce, leafy greens, and strawberries.

GRAPHIC: Avocados’ Super Bowl season

- Analysis
No produce department item has such an association with the Super Bowl as avocados. Historically, 20 percent of annual avocado sales occur around the big game in early February.

ProduceIQ: White onions crowned king as prices soar

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Though overall industry prices range from stable to slightly declining, the ProduceIQ Index remains +12 percent higher for week #4 than in any prior year.  Industry prices typically decline over the next six weeks and then begin to ascend in later March as volume from Mexico tapers off.

Legislation proposed to freeze AEWR

- Analysis
The federal H-2A program for agricultural guestworkers has long been an object of complaint for fruit and vegetable growers.

ECIP helps implement fair labor practices

- Analysis
Ethical labor practices have been an issue in the fruit and vegetable industry for decades. But only in recent years has the industry attempted to outline and implement fair labor practices in an organized way.

On the horizon: quinoa leafy greens

- Analysis
Many people are familiar with quinoa, whose seeds are used as a kind of grain; it is rapidly becoming incorporated into mainstream diets. But has anyone heard of eating quinoa greens?

Remedies for cantaloupe’s food safety problems

- Analysis
FDA may have ruled that the latest string of outbreaks of cantaloupe-linked salmonella is over, but food safety litigator Bill Marler is understandably exercised about the persistent problem.

Minimum wages, blue and red

- Analysis
There is a huge discussion going on about polarization along political and cultural lines in the U.S. One area where this cleft is most apparent is state minimum wages.