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Amazon Fresh faces layoffs, store reconfigurations 

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Amazon Fresh is making some changes to a few Chicago-area stores as it faces layoffs and lawsuits over stalled store openings.  

Amazon cuts and the industry life cycle

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So far this year, Amazon has announced that it will cut 27,000 jobs nationwide. Some of this trimming must be viewed as an aftereffect of the pandemic, during which hiring at the online giant doubled. As shoppers return to stores, online ordering has dropped.

The stumbling of Amazon Fresh

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As some readers may remember, I am not a big fan of Amazon Fresh — at least not as a retail vendor. I have never been able to see it as a going concern.

Store check: Amazon Fresh, Bloomingdale, IL

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I've been curious about using the latest iteration of Just Walk Out technology as I'm sure it's changed quite a bit since I first tested it at Amazon Go in Seattle.

Amazon Fresh offers a weak retail experience

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Multiuse objects are usually inferior to tools that are designed for a single purpose. These thoughts are inspired by the sortie of Amazon Fresh into retail grocery.

Inside the whale: Amazon Fresh and me

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I decided to reevaluate my position by driving to the Amazon Fresh store that has just opened in Bloomingdale, IL. It is located, perhaps inauspiciously, on the gravesite of a retail catastrophe, a defunct Toys “R” Us.

Amazon Fresh: Not for those who love to cook

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Grocery stores do not mix it up that much on a regular basis, apart from the occasional festive popcorn and chips endcap. So when my husband asked me to check out the new Amazon Fresh store that recently opened in Naperville, IL, I was game.

Amazon to expand grocery concept to Seattle area

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What’s going to be the *it* factor that sways consumers to break with their usual routine and shop Amazon Fresh instead?

Sneak peek: Amazon opens first physical grocery store

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After more than a year of speculation about its foray into brick-and-mortar grocery, Seattle-based Amazon has opened its first location.