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Tajín-dipped California strawberries on Valentine’s Day menu

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February 5, 2024, 2024 –Tajín and California Strawberries BB #:153596 are thrilled to see the growing trend of Tajín-dipped strawberries for Valentine’s Day, as highlighted in a recent article by The Daily Meal.

The article, “Skip the Chocolate and Dip Your Strawberries in Tajín Instead,” discusses the unique and flavorful twist on the classic chocolate-dipped strawberries. With Tajín’s tangy, spicy, and slightly salty flavor, paired with the sweetness of fresh California strawberries, this new trend is gaining popularity as a delicious and unexpected treat for the holiday.

“We are excited to see the creative and innovative ways that consumers are enjoying California strawberries, especially for special occasions like Valentine’s Day,” said Jeff Cardinale, Director of Communications, California Strawberry Commission. “The combination of Tajín and strawberries offers a unique and memorable flavor experience that we believe will resonate with many people.”

Tajín Seasonings, a well-known brand for its chili lime seasoning, is also enthusiastic about the trend. “We love to see people embracing the use of Tajín in new and unexpected ways,” said Eric Patrick, Tajin produce partnership brand manager. “The zesty and spicy flavors of Tajín complement the natural sweetness of strawberries, creating a delicious and refreshing flavor profile that is perfect for celebrating Valentine’s Day.”

Both the California Strawberry Commission and Tajín encourage consumers to try this trend and explore the many ways to enjoy California strawberries with Tajín as a fun and flavorful option for Valentine’s Day. There are more than 1001+ ways to enjoy Tajín and California Strawberries pair perfectly with Tajin’s Fruity Chamoy Sauce and the newly released in California, Tajín Twist, a unique sweet and spicy blend.

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Industrias Tajín is a 100% Mexican company, leader in Mexico and United States markets in chili powder, and one of the most important in the production and commercialization of products derived from chili worldwide. It has presence in more than 65 countries around the world. It was founded in 1985, surprising consumers with the perfect blend of lime, chili, and sea salt. In 1993, Tajín exports to the United States for the first time and Tajin International Corporation is established in Houston, TX, from where all the commercial activity of the brand in the U.S. is managed. The brand arrived in the Central American and European markets in 2006.


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