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Strawberry Commission highlights sustainability  

California Strawberry Commission - Daily Serving of Strawberries

WATSONVILLE, Calif. – (Oct. 26, 2023) – To demonstrate its commitment to farming better, the California Strawberry Commission BB #:153596 recently launched California Strawberries: Growing a Sustainable Future, a snapshot of innovative, sustainable farming practices and research being implemented throughout the industry that benefit the land, people and communities and makes growing 90% of the nation’s strawberries possible. 

The snapshot focuses on the industry’s three sustainability pillars of environmental stewardship, economic impact and growing communities, and outlines the current state of automation and pathology research through the Commission’s partnership with the Cal Poly Strawberry Center. From the use of drip irrigation and integrated pest management practices to supporting the local community and investing in research, the snapshot outlines key achievements within each of these three pillars. 

“Our growers are progressive and environmentally conscious, and they continue to invest in research to remain sustainable while farming under the toughest regulations in the world here in California,” said Rick Tomlinson, president of the California Strawberry Commission. “Sustainability is an important topic among consumers, retailers and lawmakers and California strawberry farmers continue to lead the way in agriculture innovation, technology and research to meet future demands.” 

California is home to 400+ strawberry growers, shippers and processors. Strawberries are California’s third highest-grossing crop, contributing $3.02 billion to the California economy and accounting for 70,000 jobs.  

View or download the California Strawberries: Growing a Sustainable Future snapshot

About California Strawberry Commission  

The California Strawberry Commission is more than 400 strawberry farmers, shippers and processors, all working together to advance strawberry farming for the future of our land and people. Commission programs create opportunities for success through groundbreaking programs focused on workforce training, strawberry production research, and nutrition research. Through science-based information and education, it delivers the good news about sustainable farming practices that benefit the health of people, farms, and communities. 

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Jeff Cardinale 

California Strawberry Commission