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Fruit World’s organic grape program delivers delight

Fruit World's organic grape program delivers delight

Reedley, CA – July 26, 2023 – Fruit World, BB #:187196 the fresh and creative fruit company dedicated to keeping family farms thriving, announces the start of their highly anticipated California grape season, delivering a program that provides consistent flavor, variety, and a direct line to the farm.

“We’ve increased production of our specialty grape varieties,” shared Bianca Kaprielian, Co-Founder and CEO of Fruit World. “We aim to cultivate a small yet mighty – primarily specialty – grape program that will delight our customers with unique flavors.”

The Fruit World grape program features innovative and heritage varieties and runs from late July through October. The season starts with grapes from organic pioneer Pete Wolf, one of California’s first Certified Organic grape farmers. These heritage vines come in black, red, and green and are sure to sell out quickly.

The next to ramp up is the knockout nostalgic variety: the organic Thomcord. This cross between the juicy Concord grape and the tender-skinned Thompson seedless grape results in a multigenerational crowd-pleasing flavor.

“The Thomcord grape’s deliciously intense flavor has been a hit, and the strong sales prove its popularity,” exclaimed Kaprielian.

Rounding out the Fruit World program is the Kyoho, a Japanese gem that grows in round, uniform bunches packed with flavor. The Kyoho variety is wildly popular in Asian markets but has quickly become mainstream due to its sweet and subtle tang, making it a perfect ingredient for desserts and cocktails.

In their constant quest for positive change, Fruit World boldly transitioned their grape program out of plastic pouch bags and into more environmentally-friendly paper tote bags, pleasing customers’ desire for sustainable packaging.

“More than 60 percent of Thomcords moved into our recyclable and compostable paper totes, meeting our customers’ appetite to reduce plastic waste,” Kaprielian added.

To further engage their consumers, Fruit World includes a comment card in each retail pack of their Organic Thomcord seedless grapes. The card tells the story of co-founder CJ Buxman and why he grows the grape. Each card includes a phone number, inviting shoppers to text their ‘Thomcord Tales’ experience and to share their questions, feedback, or comments.

“We answer each text personally, engaging directly with the consumer and taking part in their Fruit World experience first-hand. Their stories are heartfelt, their feedback is genuine, and the opportunity for live interaction with consumers is incomparable,” shared Kaprielian.

To place an order or to learn more about Fruit World’s grape program, please visit or contact the sales team at

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