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Church Brothers Farms launches new campaign: Our Roots Run Deep

Church Brothers Farms launches new campaign: Our Roots Run Deep

SALINAS, Calif. – Church Brothers Farms BB #:161800 has announced a new campaign intended to highlight the company’s heritage, value pillars, and capabilities with a simple yet powerful theme.

Starting this week, “Our Roots Run Deep” will begin to appear in advertising, social media, the company website, and in a new video featuring Founder and Chairman Steve Church as well as Chief Executive Officer Brian Church, Chief Operations Officer Jeff Church, and Chief Performance Officer Chuck Church.

An obvious reference to vegetables the company grows, “Our Roots Run Deep” also represents the story of Church Brothers Farms through supporting themes of Heritage & Tradition, Vertical Integration, Quality, Innovation, Service and Strategic Growth. Each of these pillars will be explored in-depth over the course of the campaign, which is expected to run over the next several years.

“As we continue to grow, a strong brand story is imperative, especially in an industry where solid ties to the source are important to our audiences,” said Loree Dowse, Director of Marketing for Church Brothers Farms. “We haven’t done a broad corporate campaign before, and ‘Our Roots Run Deep’ gives us structure to tie together not just what we’re doing on the foodservice and retail sides of our business, but provides an analogy that explains who we are in an impactful way.”

“Right now is the perfect time to tell the industry in general who we are and why we’re different,” added Rick Russo, Senior Vice President of Sales & Marketing for Church Brothers Farms. “We’re expanding our retail business, servicing our existing foodservice business, increasing capacity with our recently acquired distribution facility in Salinas, and growing our programs in multiple regions of Mexico. Add our multi-generational ties to the Salinas Valley and seed-to-fork control of everything we produce, and it’s very easy to understand why we chose this theme.”

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