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Inteligistics completes integration with temperature sensors

Inteligistics Completes Integration with Temperature Sensors for End-To-End Visibility

Salinas, CA – Monitoring and responding to deviations in the cold chain as perishable products go from the field or source to consumers, has been demonstrated to be the single greatest factor in ensuring product quality and predicting shelf life.

Inteligistics has been bringing end-to-end solutions to monitor and improve efficiency for logistics, supply chain and cold chain management for companies producing and selling perishable products for over a decade, and this new upgrade to their platform incorporates real-time data from cellular temperature trackers made by Emerson, Delta Trak, Cydeance and others.

“We are now able to take the raw data from these wireless sensors that are used throughout cold chain operations, and bring this data into our InteliView platform and dashboard.  Combined with digital data collected throughout production and cold storage to the point of shipping, and presented on our cloud-based Inteliview platform, managers can run detailed reports to measure KPIs and highlight and remedy anomalies,” said Rao Mandava, Inteligistics Chairman and President. “From pharmaceuticals to produce, the shelf life and ROI implications are significant. For example, a recent test of over 2,000 loads of avocados, was able to accurately predict shelf-life based on time and temperature during transit.”

Beyond transit temperature and time, Inteligistics utilizes geofences to trigger arrival and departure of pallets, track holding times, and inform stakeholders about the load location and status in the supply chain. Integrated with the time and temperature data, this knowledge can lead to significant cost savings, operational improvements and increased product sales.

InteliView is the information hub that takes data from a variety of IoT and off-the-shelf scanners and sensors, certain APIs and Mobile apps, and enables companies to make sense of their data in real-time, and take action that results in optimizing supply chain and cold chain efficiency, enhancing product quality, and increasing profitability. The digital data of InteliView can then be leveraged to apply advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) for efficiency improvements, shelf-life analysis and predictability, sustainability, waste reduction and traceability.

“End-to-end visibility and traceability affects more than food safety. Continuous tracking of product temperature and time provides companies with critical information they can use to maintain product quality and predict shelf life. This can result in decreased food waste, increased volumes of saleable product, and revenue optimization opportunities for all entities along the supply chain,” said Dennis Donohue, Past President Royal Rose LLC and current Executive Director of Western Growers Center for Innovation and Technology.

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About Inteligistics

Inteligistics is uniquely placed in perishables industries using Silicon Valley technology and process improvements to bring digital transformation, turn Big Data into clear actions through AI/ML, and deliver high value improvements to supply chain and cold chain performance for perishable commodities. The resulting increase in productivity and reduction in critical cut-to-cool times, resources help meet sustainability goals. Using IoT, off-the-shelf wireless hardware, and proprietary cloud-based applications, Inteligistics develops custom solutions and provides an end-to-end integrated supply chain platform and standalone applications that improve quality, throughput, increase profits and deliver high ROI on the critical process of moving product from field to consumer. Visit and