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Pacific Trellis Fruit sees opportunities for exclusive Jam Grape sales

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Los Angeles, CA – On the heels of a highly successful campaign last season for Jam Grapes, Pacific Trellis Fruit BB #:164166 is ramping up programs for this exclusive black seedless variety from Brazil. 

“JAM grapes deliver that jam flavor taste and are similar to the Concord variety in flavor and appearance, however, they are 100 percent seedless and have thinner skin,” said Josh Leichter, CEO of Pacific Trellis Fruit.  “They have been very well received by the industry since their introduction as a way to capture incremental sales opportunities in the table grape category and we are very excited to offer this program to our customers,” added Leichter.

The JAM variety is exclusively grown in Brazil. The current availability windows in the U.S. Market are October through February and then again March through May, with the potential for year-round availability in ideal weather conditions.  “We are always looking at ways to extend the market window, and because of Brazil’s unique location along the equator, they have the ability to harvest two commercial crops per year,” Leichter adds.

Pacific Trellis Fruit is one of the largest importers of grapes from South America.  JAM grapes, available in 10/1-pound clamshells, are part of a line of 1-pound specialty grapes including Cotton Candy, Candy Snaps, Candy Dreams and Candy Hearts, all sold under the Premium Dulcinea brand.

About Pacific Trellis Fruit 

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Pacific Trellis Fruit is one of North America’s top year-round importers, growers, and marketers of premium fresh fruit, including melons, grapes, stonefruit, cherries and citrus.  In 2014, Dulcinea was acquired by Pacific Trellis Fruit and became their consumer-facing brand. Dulcinea is the pioneer of the PureHeart personal seedless watermelon, the Tuscan-Style cantaloupe and SunnyGold yellow mini seedless watermelon.  Pacific Trellis Fruit also features Kiss Melons, a line of high quality, great tasting melons. Pacific Trellis’ corporate headquarters is in Los Angeles, CA, with sales offices in Fresno, CA, Gloucester, NJ, and Tucson, AZ.  For more information on Pacific Trellis Fruit and Dulcinea, visit