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Oppy ramps up Cotton Candy grape volume

Oppy ramps up Cotton Candy grape volume

Newark, DE — Offering its third season of Cotton Candy grapes from Brazil, the grower, marketer and distributor of fresh produce from around the world looks toward increasing volume in the coming years as it sets a new record of packages in 2022.

Sweet, juicy, with a hint on vanilla, Oppy’s BB #:113404 Cotton Candy grapes are available now with consistent promotional volumes through January. Packed in a new bright and colorful label that’s reminiscent of signature fair flavor, the grapes are also Rainforest Alliance Certified — ensuring a commitment to continuous improvement, sustainability training and clear benefits for farmers.

Oppy - Tony Illiano“As Cotton Candy grape dollar sales have increased 205% since 2019, we are really excited to offer more of this very popular variety, in addition to the benefits it has for people and the planet,” said Category Manager of Grapes and Senior Sales Representative Tony Illiano. “With continued success of strong consumer demand, we look forward to further increasing volumes next season.”

With offshore offices and staff overseeing all aspects of growing, logistics and supply chain, Oppy’s footprint offers retailers a year-round grape category from Brazil, Peru and Chile, as well as South Africa, Mexico and California. Specialty varieties range from Candy Snaps, Autumn Crisp, Straw Grapes and Candy Dreams to tried-and-true varieties Krissy, Magenta, Timco and Allison, and beyond.

Oppy is also the second largest importer of organic grapes in the Southern Hemisphere.

“With our expertise delivering consistent, high-quality eating experiences, Oppy assures top-notch fruit with programs, packaging options and flavors to drive your grape category forward,” shared Illiano, noting Oppy’s Cotton Candy grapes are offered in 1-pound clamshells and high-graphic pouch bags.

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Growing, marketing and distributing fresh produce from around the globe for nearly 165 years, Vancouver, BC-based Oppy discovers and delivers the best of the world’s harvest. With over 50 million boxes of fresh fruits and vegetables grown on every continent moving through its supply chain annually, Oppy offers popular favorites from avocados and berries to apples and oranges year-round, alongside innovative seasonal specialties. Over the years, Oppy has introduced North Americans to a number of items across its diverse produce range, including Granny Smith, JAZZ and Envy apples, as well as green and gold kiwifruit. Go to to learn more.